HSN was engaged in a multiyear transformation project that included implementing an enterprise software that would allow them to do the following:


Standardize common business process across the enterprise for multiple marketing groups


Institute enterprise-wide taxonomy for uniform storage, indexing, and retrieval of all type of assets (digital, video etc.)


Systematically measure, track, and report on the asset lifecycle from request through publication of a specific channel


As a part of this transformation, HSN was looking for a tool capable of centralizing all requests for asset creation, management of projects as well as resources responsible for delivery of a project. HSN was already using a part of the IBM interactive marketing products—Unica Campaign and Interact—and hence selecting IBM Marketing Operations (IMO) became an obvious choice of product. IMO integrates easily with both these campaign-related products, allowing for seamless marketing planning and execution.


The solution

Comet started working with HSN with a short-term goal: implementing automated workflows in IMO to streamline Print, Digital, Email and Video campaign processes.

A lean team of two specialist Comet consultants were deployed on-site in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, to implement this tool in an integrated environment in a short turnaround time.

HSN business and technology teams partnered with Comet Global Consulting to conduct multiple design workshops to collect business requirements for the configuration of IBM Marketing Operations (IMO). The design workshops allowed Comet to configure and customize IMO for HSN based on current and future business requirements, keeping in mind industry best practices.

The implementation of the IBM suite of products provided the foundation for HSN’s customer-centric transformation to drive profitability, revenue growth and improved customer experiences. Based on early project success, HSN decided to expand the usage of the tool to six more business groups with Comet’s assistance. 

Comet was able to help roll out the first phase of IMO in a staggered manner in just four months. Within six months of Comet’s working with HSN, there were more than 400 users working with the tool on a daily basis. 

This included staff with such varied profiles as marketing directors, project managers, art directors, copywriters, and video editors.

Bottom Line HSN Benefits

  • Deployed a centralized marketing tool to enter all campaign details and requests while automating workflows for creative execution
  • Enabled a connected and integrated system housing all omnichannel campaigns using Unica Campaign and Interact as execution channels
  • Streamlined approvals by replacing email approvals with online annotations ensuring an efficient approval and tracking mechanism
  • Enabled the tool to support Marketing Planning by allowing users to enter Plans, Programs and Projects
  • Single system for requesting and creating all assets/creatives related to campaigns
  • Created automated workflows to support tasks and work functions for teams and individuals collectively responsible for creating/completing an asset
  • Standardized the information collected up front for different types of asset creation
  • Introduced transparency and accountability into the project management experience