• The CRM solutions have now been rolled out to more than 16,000 customer service agents across 3 brands, Orange, T-Mobile and EE, across multiple segments of the business and through the call center and retail store channels.
  • The solutions now allow EE to balance commercial priorities with what is right for the customer and improve retention and new business. In addition, customer service agents are far more commercially aware and able to offer customers personalized and more relevant offers, which means they stay loyal longer.
  • More recently the focus of the project has moved to integrating the CRM solutions across Orange and T-Mobile for the launch of the new EE brand and to support the delivery of the UK’s first 4G mobile services alongside fiber optic broadband. Comet continues to support EE, Orange and T-Mobile with rollout, adding new products and services and the integration and enhancement of solutions.
  • They have improved customer engagement, increased customer value, reduced the use of more expensive outbound channels and improved customer satisfaction.

Not only are we retaining the right customers, and we are retaining more of them, we are growing their value. And that is really important, and that is key to success of the system, and it’s key to the acceptance of the tool we have had internally.
— Suzanne Woolley Head of Customer Base Management | EE