Customer Journey Management Webinar

The Royal Bank of Scotland – When Customers Don’t Follow the Script



Modern businesses spend tremendous time and resources mapping, analyzing, and optimizing the customer journey. They want to understand the path to purchase, learn which messages and offers are most effective at each stage, and identify where individuals get “stuck” and drop off the grid completely. They want to script the “perfect” journey that gives an elegant experience.


The problem is, today’s connected customers choose their own journeys - interacting with the brand on their own terms. They flow across channels, shift preferences, and take unpredictable routes to a fluid destination. They expect the brand to know them, even as they shift course and move in a new direction. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the team at the Royal Bank of Scotland, supported by Comet and Pega, has overhauled their experience - using personalized, actionable insights in real-time to make the right decisions – with a focus on knowing and serving customers, rather than just selling products.

We’ve demonstrated - when we talk to customers in multi-channel, multi-stage journeys - a 6 times uplift in response rates
— Jessica Cuthbertson, The Royal Bank of Scotland