Analyse Effectiveness of Contact Strategy

Are you able to effectively evaluate the success of your marketing contact strategy?

We analyse the effectiveness of your marketing contact strategy to ensure that you optimise your ROI, both on an individual campaign by campaign basis through to your potentially multi-year contact programs.

You have a need to understand how well your Marketing Contact Strategy is performing, both at an integrated campaign by campaign level and at an overall Contact program level. We deliver our solution to this to you through the provision of contact effectiveness reporting across 4 key areas; campaign and program contact design, interim campaign reporting, individual post campaign analyses and modelling the impact of the overall longer term contact strategy program.

Key benefits to understanding the effectiveness of your marketing contact strategy will result in

  • Learning what customer contacts are working and which are not
  • Facilitating the design of optimal customer contact strategies
  • Optimising your ROI from each of your individual customer contact campaigns across all channels
  • Optimising the efficiency of your overall Marketing Spend across all channels


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